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Scalable Whole Slide Imaging, sWSI

sWSI digitizes conventional microscopes through aligning smart-phones’ camera with eyepieces. Furthermore, with powerful cloud service and patented image mosaic algorithm, sWSI enpowers smart-phones into whole slide imaging (WSI) scanners. Comparing to traditional WSI costing between $20,000 to $200,000 per set, our technology offers a rapid and cost-effective solution.

Produce and share virtual slides with simple taps.

Scalable Whole Slide Imaging, sWSI

01 Unleash Power of Smartphones:

Empower your microscope with smartphones to scan any slides at 40x to 1000x of your choice.

02 Scan with Multi-Magnification:

Follow your familiar examination routine of low-magnification bird-view followed by zoom-in at areas of interest. Combine high-magnification local views interactively located in a low magnification scan for perfect balance between speed and details.

03 Record 3D Structures with Multi-Focus:

Add video clips of serial transition of focuses for intuitive 3D information to your scan.

Low Cost
Perfectly fits any microscope system and main-stream smart-phone.
Support 4x to 100x objective lens(oil).
Minimal Training
Retain familier workflows by operating your own microscopes and computers as you are used to.
Fast Scan
For specimen size 10mmx10mm and below , a sWSI scan typically costs less than 3 minutes.
Optional Upgrade Package
A variety of options exist such as large display.
Max Resolution
0.45 μg m/pixel (10x), can reach 0.045 u m/PIX (100x).
High Efficiency
Properietary sEngine high performance and distributed image processing engine.
Avoid Scan Failure
Real-time processing with immediate feedback prevents most scan failure.
Free to choose the scanning area and file size.


Optimized Phone-Microscope Adaptor

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